Industry pioneer and founder Jim Gripp and the Legal Arts team stands out because we dedicate everything to meeting decisionmaker expectations. Each concept and deliverable is crafted to meet the decider’s perception of need. And while we speak your language, our strength is we think differently than lawyers or experts.

  • Leadership

    Industry pioneer and Legal Arts founder Jim Gripp has considerable experience in every medium and practice area. An arts graduate of SDSU and a licensed private investigator, Jim brings a well-rounded perspective to every Legal Arts engagement, emphasizing highly personal service regardless of case size, complexity, or budget.

  • Talent

    Legal Arts enjoys creative support from a cadre of seasoned specialists: illustrators, animators, photographers, videographers, hotseat operators, and other graphics consultants. We have a deep bench of talent to draw from to meet most needs, and what we don’t have we’ll arrange for you.

  • Credentials

    Jim has qualified as a foundational expert dozens of times in state, federal and military courts for civil and criminal matters. We have a 100% admissibility record.

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