Pricing options designed to meet every budget and payment preference.

Conventional Hourly Pricing
  • Better choice when scope is unpredictable
  • Competitive rates
  • Negotiable/discounted rates for volume work
  • Open-ended: pay only for what you need, when you need it
  • Based on exact in-out/tenth-of-hour timekeeping
  • Always available
Flat-Fee Value Pricing
  • Better choice when scope is predictable
  • Eliminates hourly-fee unpredictability and open-ended total cost
  • Fee matches perceived value of services and deliverables
  • Not always available
Phased Hourly or Flat-Fee Pricing
  • Better choice for long-term engagements
  • Establishes milestones for budget reconsideration
  • Accommodates unpredictable scope
  • Eliminates open-ended total cost
  • Always available
Public Funded or Non-Profit Pricing
  • Discounted rack rates
  • Hourly, flat-fee, or phased pricing options
  • May accommodate agency pay scales
  • Always available
We also offer cost control options to manage your budget.
  • Negotiated rates and discounts for volume accounts
  • Payment plans
  • Periodic burn rate reports (available daily)
  • Cash payment discount
  • Third-party/client billing