Criminal defense counsel use mitigation packages to induce empathy when negotiating better outcomes. Smart lawyers use Visual Mitigation Packages to engage the decision-maker intellectually and emotionally.

Leverage our team’s +75-years experience in criminal defense trial lawyering and visual persuasion to visually package your next mitigation package.

A professionally produced Visual Mitigation Package (VMP) leverages the power of visual communication to show and tell your client’s story by turbocharging the impact of your client’s strongest supporting evidence.

VMPs are persuasive vehicles to tell your client’s compelling and empathetic human-centric story and place the crime into the broader context of his or her life.

Unconstrained by written media alone, VMPs supplement your plea negotiations, preliminary hearing/grand jury/Article 32 hearings, trial case-in-chief, and pre-sentencing reports.

Video presentations are the gold standard for presenting a lot of visual and aural information quickly and efficiently. Video immerses the viewer in your client’s story far more effectively than a written brief.

Interviews, video evidence, and animations can only be captured or presented in this medium. Adding production value enhancements like motion to static images, tightly scripted voiceover narration, diverse visual media, and scene changes every few seconds enriches the viewing experience.

This documentary-style production submission to the district attorney’s office preceded a reduced charge plea negotiation on behalf of a young man accused of multiple strongarm robberies. The supervising assistant DA commented, “this is well done and impressive, like watching a Dateline episode.”

For the right client and case, this approach gives trial counsel a prime opportunity to tell the client’s complete story, enabling decision-makers to justify a more favorable outcome for the client.

Packaged or live PowerPoint presentation are an excellent mediums to tell your client’s story. For the producer, PowerPoint accommodates fast and easy editing, content reordering, animated effects, and insertable video and animations.

Conventional interactive PowerPoint presentations enable the viewer to pause on a slide, view all slides simultaneously, and print for the record. PowerPoint shows are also easily converted to self-running video presentations.

In this case, trial counsel presented this visual mitigation presentation to a Texas Grand jury on behalf of his client who was accused of felony battery while using a firearm during a domestic dispute. This photographic reenactment combined with to-scale placement of the individuals and ballistics trajectories convinced the Jury to deliver a “no bill” decision based on no criminal mens rea, resulting in all charges being dropped.

A Marine Corps Lance Corporal confessed four times during a 12-hour interrogation by NCIS special agents that he shot his friend in the head at his friend’s quarters. At his Article 32 hearing, the defense produced several mitigation graphics demonstrating why the accused’s confessions were false and the actual manner of death was suicide.

This video describes how the defense successfully convinced the Investigation Officer to recommend all charges and specifications be dropped.